British type fashion Adwoa Aboah’s recommendation on fusing common flying with self-care



Frequent fliers have long grappled with the conundrum of maintaining a sense of style and personal wellbeing during air travel. British type fashion model, mental health advocate, and founder of Gurls Talk, Adwoa Aboah, provides us with insight into seamlessly fusing fashion with self-care, two seemingly contrasting elements, especially when flying.

Adwoa, who is deeply involved in the fashion industry, straddles the global stage, making constant travel an integral part of her life. Despite the constant hustle, she never fails to exhibit a unique, individualistic style and a strong commitment to her mental and physical well-being. Her advice for frequent travellers is straightforward: prioritize comfort without compromising personal style and practice self-care throughout the journey.

Adwoa’s fashion-forward way of travelling starts with her wardrobe selection. She emphasizes comfort, urging travellers to invest in high-quality, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. These materials, she opines, not only provide comfort during long-haul flights but also serve as a stylish canvas to express one’s personality. Layering, another trick in her fashion book, allows adaptability to fluctuating cabin temperatures and different climates. Her advice: starting with a comfortable base layer – think relaxed-fit t-shirts or tank tops – and adding sweaters, scarves, or jackets as needed.

Aboah posits that incorporating personal style into travel gear doesn’t end with clothing. Accessories like a stylish pair of sunglasses or a chic tote bag can further elevate the look. Functionality, however, should not be overlooked. Her go-to carry-on luggage is often spacious, sturdy, and fashionable. Footwear, she insists, should be practical yet stylish; think of cushioned trainers or chunky boots over high heels.

The model’s focus on self-care is as resolute as her commitment to fashion. Unsurprisingly, her pre-flight routine begins with hydration. Drinking plenty of water before and during flights, she informs, is essential to counteract the dry cabin air. This commitment extends to her skincare routines, employing hydrating facial sprays or moisture-intensive skincare products.

The importance of nutrition is not overlooked either. While airline meals might not be the healthiest, she recommends packing your snacks like nuts, fruits, or energy bars. These healthy options can help maintain energy levels and ward off cravings for less nutritious food.

Surprisingly, Adwoa suggests incorporating a form of physical activity during transit times, whether it’s practicing yoga in the airport lounge or just taking a walk around the terminal. Such activities not only help to reduce the stress of travel but also keep her energized and active.

Sleep, she believes, is paramount, especially during long flights. Eye masks, noise-canceling headphones, or a plush neck pillow can aid in achieving quality sleep. Moreover, she encourages setting your watch to the destination’s time zone to beat jet lag.

Above all, Adwoa urges travelers to be patient with themselves and their bodies. Travel can be grueling, and it’s essential to listen to your body and give it what it needs.

To sum up, Adwoa Aboah’s jet-set style is a broad palette that includes a mix of fashion sensibilities and self-care practices. Her approach demonstrates that frequent flying doesn’t have to compromise our sense of style or our commitment to wellness. It’s a reminder that personal style is an expression of self and that taking care of ourselves is equally fashionable.


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