Michael de Adder: Well being care choices

U-lite– Every path has its start. Mine began on the coastal town of Moncton, New Brunswick. I am Michael de Adder was brought up in a nurturing environment  where health and wellbeing were always top priorities.

In my early twenties, I found myself at an intersection where fame was a newfound friend, and health was a constant companion. Amidst the glamour of art and applause, I realised the importance of prioritising my health and well-being. It seemed to me that health was a canvas that needed as much care and attention as my newspaper cartoons.

Moncton, as charming as it was, had limited options when it came to healthcare. The gap was more prominent when it came to unconventional and preventive healthcare choices. This wasn’t a complaint but rather an observation that sparked my interest. The curiosity pushed me to delve deeper into exploring and understanding the vast universe of healthcare options available globally and how they could be made accessible to individuals back home.

Spending countless hours researching, I discovered a plethora of options that went beyond the traditional healthcare model. From integrative medicine to holistic approaches, from yoga and meditation to nutrition therapy, the choices were overwhelming but definitely enlightening.

I realised that healthcare was no longer just about treating diseases. It was about preventive care. It was about lifestyle changes, healthier choices, and an integrative approach that considered physical health in conjunction with mental wellness. This revelation was profound and personally transformative.

Moreover, my journey didn’t stop at adopting these changes for myself. I used my influence as a public figure to raise awareness about these alternative wellness choices. Through my work, I subtly started incorporating messages about preventive healthcare, hoping my readers would notice and perhaps, get inspired.

In conclusion, the journey through health and wellbeing has been a crucial subplot of my life, an undercurrent that kept me grounded in the whirlwind of fame. It taught me that well-being is about making mindful choices, personalised to one’s needs.

As I write this today, I hope my experiences encourage individuals not just in Moncton but across the globe, to realise that healthcare is not just reactive but proactive. It’s not just about medications and treatments; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that prioritises well-being. And most importantly, it’s about understanding that there are choices, vast and varied, each one with the potential to change one’s life for the better. So, here’s to well-being, the greatest wealth we can ever possess.

As Michael de Adder, a cartoonist who found his well-being in his art and life choices, I believe everyone is an artist who can paint their canvas of life with health and happiness.

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